Diver’s Age Group Requirements
A diver’s age for the purpose of determining the age group in which he or she will compete for all South Jersey Diving Association qualifying and Championship meets is based upon the diver’s actual age as of June 15th. This insures that a diver will not have to change age groups during the dive season or during championships. The age groups for diving meets are 9 & Under, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, and 16-18.

Diving Levels – Novice & Junior Olympic (JO)
Diving coaches will determine at which level their divers will dive according to the diver’s ability. It is acceptable for a diver to dive JO on 1-meter and Novice on 3-meter.  Novice divers begin the meet with front and back jumps, JO divers do not do jumps and have more required dives.

A diver that has already qualified as a Novice diver during the current season can attend another qualifier to try and qualify as a JO diver.

If a diver qualifies as a JO diver in a qualifying meet, then he/she must dive as a JO diver in Championships. If he/she dives Novice and is caught, he/she will be disqualified.

Dive Requirements by Age Group
Each age group has different dive requirements based on Novice or Junior Olympic (JO) level.  Please refer to the below link for the SJDA dive requirements for each age group.

SJDA Age Group Diving Requirements