Individual Diver Registration for AAU Membership/Insurance
All divers must be registered with the South Jersey Diving Association as well as required to have an AAU membership (which includes insurance).  The fee for the individual diver is payable by the participant and not incurred by his or her swim club.  Membership/Insurance is effective as of the date payment is received for youth athletes.

Individuals may not participate in any activities associated with the SJDA until the AAU membership card is handed to the club representative or coach.   Diving is classified as an individual sport, so as long as a diver has current AAU membership/insurance under any club, they are considered covered.  If a diver is a member through their winter diving club team that doesn’t expire until Aug 31st, they are covered and do not need to get another membership for the summer club diving.

The SJDA has secured a new club code for 3 years. So our new club code: W39E55 is good for 2023, 2024, and 2025 – divers can register under that code.

When Registering or Renewing…. Parents have a choice to either renew or just get new insurance and either method is perfectly fine according to the AAU. Always use the SJDA club code or choose South Jersey Diving Association (rather than another club called South Jersey Area Diving). But even if you skip that step, and just renew and don’t change anything, it’s still OK. Since diving is considered an individual sport, the diver is insured rather than the club.

Parents – please use the following instructions to obtain AAU membership & insurance for your diver(s):

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on “Join AAU”
  3. Click on <Register Now> under Athletes (Individual)
  4. You can login if you already have an account to renew your membership to this year or get a membership.
  5. For programs, select <Youth Athlete>
  6. Select Sport <Diving>
  7. Select the Coverage – <Regular Membership $14>
  8. Select the Term – <Current Membership Year> or you can choose 2 or 3 year terms.
  9. “Are they  member of a club?” – <Yes> and the SJDA code <W39E55>
  10. Enter the full legal name of your diver.  At this point you can enter multiple divers if you have more than one diver to register
  11. There is a Terms and Conditions – Digital Signature – click and accept and enter name of person that is applying for membership or a parentally approved representative for youth applicants
  12. Continue to <Checkout>
  13. Enter Billing Information and submit registration
  14. Print out your “printer friendly” receipt. The AAU membership card will be on the third page

Please print 2 copies of the membership card. Keep one for yourself and the other for your swim club’s diving representative. Your child MAY NOT DIVE UNTIL THE INSURANCE CARD IS HANDED TO THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE OR COACH.

SJDA Coach Registration for AAU Membership/Insurance
Individual swim/dive clubs and their board of directors make their own decisions on hiring their dive team coaching staff.  AAU insurance must be obtained by all SJDA coaches; head coach and assistants.  AAU offers non-athlete insurance for the coaching staff that is 18 years and over – this insurance includes a background check.  AAU also offers athlete insurance for individuals of any age.

All SJDA coaches must be currently registered with an AAU membership. The fee for the AAU membership is payable by the coach at time of registration.  Coaches should check with their SJDA Dive Representative to see if this fee is refundable by their respective club.

The non-athlete membership will have a background check to complete before receiving the AAU Membership Card.  This process can take anywhere from 1 to 10 business days to complete.

Insurance is a benefit of membership and is effective as of the date the background check passes for non-athlete membership or for athlete membership at the time of payment.

Please give your AAU membership card to your SJDA dive representative; this membership card must be submitted prior to participation in any activity (including practices).