3-Meter Exhibition

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This meet was added to our schedule summer of 2012 to give the divers a practice meet for the 3-meter championships. Divers that are not ready to meet all of 3-meter requirements for their respective level and age may dive unofficial in this meet. Again, this meet is meant more as an exhibition than a competition so that our athletes get some experience diving in a 3-meter competition.

NEW SINCE 2017: There will be two events for this meet which will be combined age groups. The divers will only compete against divers in their own age group, but more than one age group will be diving at one time.

  1. An hour warm-up begins at 7 am for the first event.
  2. The meet begins at the time designated by the hosting club on the meet schedule.
  3. There will be an hour warm-up for Event #2 immediately after Event #1 is finished.
  4. The order of events is:
    #1              11 & Under
    #2             12 & Up
  5. Awards to the top six places.

3-Meter Championships


  1. Warm-ups begin at 7:00 AM and end at 7:45 AM for 9 and Under.
  2. The meet begins at the time designated by the hosting club on the meet schedule.
  3. There will be a 45 minute warm-up for Event #2 immediately after Event #1 is finished.

Order of Events*

  1. Event #1           9 and Under
  2. Event #2          10 – 11
  3. Event #3/#4    14-15/16-18
  4. Event #5          12-13
  5. Novice and Junior Olympic divers will dive at the same time.
  6. * The order of events is subject to change depending upon the number of divers and events.

Dive Sheets 

  1. All dive sheets must be turned in by Sunday, July 10th to the 3-meter meet division representative.
  2. Two (2) dive sheets must be completed. Make sure the dive list selection conforms to the dive level requirements.


  1. If a diver qualifies as a JO diver in a qualifying meet, then he/she must dive as a JO diver in Championships. If he/she dives novice and are caught, he/she will be disqualified.
  2. Divers must dive in their age group session at the Championship meet.


  1. Novice – Top 12 places (1-4, Medal; 5-12, Ribbon)
  2. JO – Top 8 places (1-8 Medal)
  3. Team – Top 3 Teams (Trophy)
  4. Points for both novice and JO combine for team
  5. Scoring is on a 7-5-4-3-2-1 basis.

3-Meter Practice

Not all SJDA clubs have 3-meter boards.  To promote 3-meter diving in the SJDA to all divers, we encourage SJDA clubs with competition ready 3-meter boards to offer to non-3 meter clubs opportunities to bring their coach and divers to practice 3-meter diving at the hosting club.  If a diver is interested in 3-meter diving, then contact your club dive representative to see if 3-meter diving practice is an available option.